UCS Port Channels

Hello Team,


Sometimes I get lost with the way UCS permits the creation of Port Channels.


This is related with UCS Manager version 2.1(3e).



In the LAN Tab, we can create Ethernet Port-Channels.


In the LAN Uplinks Manager, we can create Ethernet Port-Channels.


So far, so good.


In the SAN Tab, we can create FC Port-Channels and FCoE Port-Channels.


But in the SAN Uplinks Manager, I’m only able to create FC Port-Channels. Am I missing something here ?



Another question:


Is it possible to aggregate two or more Unified Ports ? It’s seems we can either do Ethernet Port-Channeling or FCoE Port-Channeling. I don’t understand why this is not available. This kind of interfaces appear as both Ethernet Uplinks in the LAN Tab and FCoE Uplinks in the SAN Tab.


Some pointers would be great.







Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (RS/SP)
[email protected]



Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (RS/SP/DC)
[email protected]


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