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As per the ERSPAN in N1K Lab task, the traffic to/from Win2k8-www-3 need to be sent to a remote server connected to N5K. In the solution, the "show int status" shows Win2k8-www-3 is connected to veth13 but the ERSPAN session is configured with "source interface veth12". And the configuration on N5K shows the source ip as the ESXi host but Win2k8-www-3 resides on the ESXi host I am confused if this configuration is a typo or am i missing something theoritically.

Could you please someone help me to understand this.


  • Hello,


    sorry for the late reply, hope you got the answer.

    That seems to be an err...


    While working on this, i found the N5K isn't supporting erspan-destination type as below:

    DC1-N5K1(config)# monitor sess 2 ty ?

      erspan-source  Create an erspan source session

      local          Create a local session

    While the cN7K does support the erspan-destination type:

    N7K1(config)# monitor sess 2 type ?

      acl-capture         Create an acl-capture session

      erspan-destination  Create an erspan destination session

      erspan-source       Create an erspan source session

      local               Create a local session


    furthermore the erspan-destination type isn't supported on cN5K as per cisco doc


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  • Yes, Cisco TAC said "unfortunately
    N5548 chassis does not support ERSPAN destination type even in new releases 7.0(5)N1(1) release.
    In fact this feature is not supported by Nexus 55XX series. If you need such
    support, N56XX or N60XX can be used instead".

  • There's a correction requirement for this lab within INE workbook.

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