Foundation LAB 3 redistribution Issue

on foundation LAb 3 the RIP route when redistributed on R1 loops are happen concerning this prefix

so what is the fix for that cause BGP task 5.2 can't be done between R1 & R9



  • Try configuring the distance on R1 for RIP prefixes, either for the whole process to be lower AD than OSPF or per prefix, like

    You can also distribute-list on OSPF to remove it from the RIB, but it's still in the LSDB so you'll have to do the same on R2, R3 and R7.

  • after configuring routers correctely i found no loops happen and this is the logic as we have just one exit point between the two domains RIP & OSPF through R1 and looping prevention on R1 will prevent loops as it is the advertising router

    we could have loops if we have two exit points between the two doamins and this is not in this case

    thanks again for your help and advise and very thanks to Brian Redistribution Videos that help alot

  • For these loop preventions scenario i use either two options

    1) Filter R1 from learning inbound in OSPF. That way, it'ld be learnt via RIP

    2) Change the AD per prefix on OSPF. This will affect on the prefix


    If i have my way, i always avoid playing with the AD.



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