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I'm looking for clarity on when we add an interface to the vsan database. Especially as it pertains to FCoE.

From my understanding with FC we only add "access" ports of you will and not ISL to the vsan database. 

As for FCoE, i don't have a clear understanding when we add an VFC interface to the vsan databse. Also, when running FCOE NPV/NPIV which interfaces get added to the vsan databse. 




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    This is a good question. I’ve seen both types of configurations, the VFC Port Vsan changed from the default via the Vsan Database association or the default Vsan 1 being used. The VFC is a trunk so we should not need to change the default Port Vsan.


    But when doing FCoE to a Server CNA, I think this is mandatory. Otherwise we will see the FLOGI happening on Vsan 1, most likely something we don’t want.


    In the other situations, like TNP<->TF or TE<->TE connections, we should not need to change the VFC Port Vsan.





    Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (RS/SP)
    [email protected]


    Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (RS/SP/DC)
    [email protected]

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