San Diego / SoCal / PST Study Group or Partners Interest

I'm currently studying for v5 Routing and Switching and wanted to see if there was any interest out there in a Study Group in the San Diego / SoCal area.  I feel meeting in person is best, but nowdays with Skype and Webex, really only the time zone (Pacific US) is important.


I've taken the RS v4 Lab twice and I'm going for the v5 late summer / early fall.  I have to take the v5 written again to re-qualify (I took a break).


What I hope to get from study partners is:


Ability to socialize about the CCIE - most wives aren't interested in hearing about OSPF LSA types. :)

Comparing study strategies

Opportunity to see other angles and ideas about the topics

And other similar benefits.


If this is something that seems like a good fit, please reply here or feel free to PM me.


thanks in advance for any interest!



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