CCIE Reading List - V5

Hi Guys,

I recently decided to start my CCIE preperation and i am trying to compile an essential reading list. I have looked at Cisco's (very large, very proprietory) list, as well as INE's and Brain Dennis personal one.

So far i have decided that the essentials will be:

- Routing TCP/IP V1 and V2 by Jeff Doyle

- TCP/IP Illustarated Volume 1 the protocols

- CCIE Certification Guide (v5) by Nabrik

- QoS Certification Guide by Odom


In addition to this i am considering:

- MPLS fundementals (cisco press)

- Deploying IP Multicast networks (cisco press)

- Internet Routing Architectures (cisco Press)


I am looking to gain a sound understanding of the concepts covered in the CCIE Written and the theory behind the concepts covered in the lab. Now, obviosuly reading additional books will not hurt: but i feel that it may be a poor allocation of time and money which could be better spent on other CCIE related things. So i am asking for some advice from anyone who has read some of these books and also anyone who has earned their CCIE already, as to which books i should purchase and read. I imagine there is some overlap between many of these and thus, i want to focus on the one's which i will gain the most from, generally speaking.



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