CCIE V5 Reading List

Hi Guys,


I have recently decided to start studying for the CCIE and i am trying to accumulate a relevant reading list for the V5 material. The aim of this reading is to give me a sound understanding of all concepts covered in the written and the theory behind the concepts covered in the lab.


I have considered Cisco's (very large) list from their website which seems a bit heavy with press books, Also INE's list and Brain Dennis's own list from his blog posts.


So far i have concluded that i should read:


TCP/IP V1/2 By doyle.

QoS cert guide by Odom

TCP/IP Illustrated V1 By  Fall

CCIE V5 Cert Guides by Nabrik 


I have considered adding to this:

Deploying IP Multicast networks by Williamson (but it is very old)

MPLS Fundementals bu Ghein

Implementing Routing Architectures by Halabi


I am looking for some advice from anyone who is well read in CCIE books, to point me in the direction of essential reading. Obviously reading additional books will not do any harm but it does consume time and money which could be spent on lab prep.


I Appreciate any thoughts



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