CCIE Security New Rack Pricing

Hi :)

I just have one question, why the price changes for the CCIE
Security Rack Rental Session?

Plus If I booked a session today for the 30/4 for one hour
which now cost 3 Tokens and that was deducted from my account balance and reserved,
after the 17/4 will it also deduct 2 Tokens extra because of the new pricing?


  • Hi,

      The Security racks have been underpriced for quite a while now.  Whenever we bring up a new rack design because of a blueprint change we keep the token price during a beta period while all the bugs are worked out.  For the Security racks we failed to adjust the price after the beta period ended.

    You are charged for the session at the time you make the reservation, so any rack reservations you make before the token increase takes affect will stay that price - regardless of when the session is scheduled for. 



  • Dear,

    Thank you very much for the quick reply :)

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