VRF aware DMVPN and EIGRP named aithentication

Hi All,

I did vrf aware dmvpn and advertise the routing using EIGRP in named mode.

I got dmvpn up and eigrp neighbor also fomred.

 I tried to configure the EIGRP authenticatin in tunnel interface, but it breaks the dmvpn.

Can anyone advice is there any additional configuraion needed in crypto ipsec or in EIGRP to get the vrf aware dmvpn up ?



Riyas Rasheed


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi Riyas,

    I do not see EIGRP authentication in this task, so it looks like you may be experimenting further. Good practice. [;)]

    IGP authentication over the tunnels should have no affect on the underlying DMVPN setup.  Your routing tables are separated by the VRFs. 

    I do not see how this is possible that only IGP authentication is breaking DMVPN, unless you are saying that the IGP neighbors have stopped working (mismatched configs?).

    You say, that initially everything is working (dmvpn/igp neighbors). Where are you applying the EIGRP authentication?

    Please give your relative EIGRP configs (hub and spoke). Thanks.

  • Hi, Yes, in the INE question its not asking for authentication, but i see while I applying it breaking the dmvpn.

    Later i knew that its the iou issue, i using. Because I m getting fine later, but the issue happens agan.

    Thanks for your update.


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