Diagnostic Labs?

is INE going to produce Diagnostic labs? ie Labs to get us familiar with the new 30 min diagnostic section of the Lab exam?




  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    I do not know if there is a way for a vendor to create a diagnostic simulation.     I have taken the v5 lab exam once.  I was timed-out on this section before I finished answering the questions, and I was sure that I failed the section, but somehow "passed" it.

    Some of the questions seemed very easy for me, but it is a lot of reading.   You get an email and then there is follow-up information.

    I think the forums are good practice.   Someone has a problem. Many times, there is not very much information in the initial post (and then sometimes it is followed with full dumps yuck).  What are the logical next steps for troubleshooting?  What information do we need to see to get to the answer in the most efficient manner possible? 


    Watch your time closely in this section.  I completely lost track of time, and was surprised when my screen blipped on to the next section.  I keep thinking that if I had only guessed at a couple of more answers, I would have had enough points to push me over the overall cutscore.


    For practice?  I think just learning to use the most efficient troubleshoot and show commands for every technology.   This teaches us to understand and refine what we are looking for in any situation.    Hope this helps.

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    I don't remember seeing one.  For sure, there isn't a two minute warning or anything.

     I was warned about this too.  It bit me.  It was a sick sinking feeling when the screen flashed on to the next section.   I was sure I failed the section, but I passed it without answering all of the questions.

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    Yes and yes.  clock  on wall and on wrist.   


    There are multiple parts to each ticket.  I don't remember exactly how many parts. Not sure how much more information I should give.

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