Enterprise Network Engineer in Albuquerque, NM

We are looking for a second network engineer at UNM Hospital
in Albuquerque (I’m the only one right now), which also supports the entire Health
Sciences Center.  We are planning on
doing a large-scale replacement of our end-of-life switch infrastructure, replacing
it with one that we can use to implement L3 MPLS VPN with the intent to do
extensive segmentation between systems. 
Currently running a mixed Juniper and Cisco infrastructure, unclear what
the replacement equipment will be.

It would be ideal if someone had experience with an enterprise
L3 MPLS VPN deployment, but someone with a reasonable amount of experience and
a willingness to learn this along with the rest of us would be a competitive candidate.
 Relocation is currently unclear to me, “not
out of the question” is what I was told.

The direct link to the posting is: https://hospitals.health.unm.edu/intranet7/apps/live_hire_20/live_hire_cc.cfm?fuseaction=posting_detail&posting_id=12822162 


Actually applying will probably require going http://hospitals.unm.edu/
and click on jobs.

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