CCNA Practice Exam now complete!!

After much anticipation, our CCNA Practice Exam is now complete and can be found on (for those with an AAP or who purchased the CCNA Bundle)

This exam:


  • Creates a dynamic 60-question exam with questions pulled from a larger pool.
  • This means every time you take the exam (unlimited retakes) you'll get a new exam.
  • Questions are placed into the exam using the exact same topics and ratios/percentages as listed on the official Cisco CCNA Blueprint.
  • Most questions (when viewed within your Score Report) also contain embedded video solutions that provide extra clarity.


When retaking the exam, please ensure that you refresh your browser (and possibly clear your cache).  Questions and answers are stored locally on your machine so to get a new exam each time with new, random questions you may need to do this.

Enjoy!  And as always, feedback is most appreciated!


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