Show Me The DOCS....


I am nearly done with my first complete pass of the CCIE Security v4 Technologies Workbook exercises, and I've got to say that I been getting discouraged when it comes to looking up stuff with the documentation.

Generally, I have two types of issues.

1) I CAN NOT find anything related to a particular technology/feature

Take ikev2 for example.  I cant find anything related to this in the documentation.  There is nothing in there that shows asymetrical authentication using ikev2 for example.  I have a whole list of technologies/features that just dont show up in the docs.  Am i just not looking in the right place?  is there a special way to search?

2)  I CAN find how to configure individual features/components, but not a COMPLETE solution.  

for example, if I want to configure a particular type of VPN , I can find how to configure tunnel groups, group policies, crypto maps, isakmp policies, proxy acls, split tunnels, etc., fragments are spread out all over the documentation and often dont show the whole solution together.  YOU ALREADY HAVE TO KNOW which features exist in the solution, which makes the documentation sort of redundant if you already know what is required, right?.  What if I dont know what features are in the solution?  Like crypto map vs. profile, or dynamic map, certificate map, etc. etc.. Are there lists of COMPLETE configuration guides for each type of VPN Implementation?  There are 50 different VPN configuration variations in the workbook!!!  I dont think I can memorize all the components and composition of each variation, I need help piecing it together.  Something as relatively straightforward as EZVPN on ASA using PSK is not fully documented.  The examples omit the use of group-policy, which is in the solution.

I have gotten to the point where I feel like im getting a diminishing return on my time investment.  I run into something i dont know how to do, then Im just searching in vain for answers in the documentation, or mindlessly copying answers into the configuration, which does nothing for me and just burns through tokens.  Watching the videos helps, but its not enough to memorize all the info.  Do folks that pass just have all this stuff committed to memory?  I find that hard to believe.  There has to be a method to using the documentation.  Are my expectations of the documentation too high?


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