spanning-tree port type network

When connecting L2 links between nexus devices, my understanding is the recommendation is to use "spanning-tree port type network", correct? If the switchports are connecting to VMware hosts, I'd be using spanning-tree port type edge trunk. My question is when would we want to use the default of spanning-tree port type normal?


  • Edge - access devices

    Edge Trunk - access devices that understand trunking (particularly FCoE links, as that ensures that LLDP comes up fast enough for FCoE)

    Network - Nexus devices (as network adds bridge assurance)

    Normal - Other switches (catalyst, switches from other vendors, etc.

    Basically, edge ports go to devices that don't generate BPDUs, Network/Normal goes to devices that do generate BPDUS, with network for NXOS devices and Normal for any others.


  • Normal - Other switches (catalyst, switches from other vendors, etc.

    Great! That's exactly what I was thinking, just wanted to be sure.

    Thanks again

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