Role Based CLI

One of the tasks in this section states,

  • The role DEBUG should be able to use any debug and undebug commands, and it should be able to inspect the running configuration.

I have used the same config provides in the solution guide.

R4#show run | sec parser view DEBUG

parser view DEBUG

 secret 5 $1$4Nj2$xDeMqIjGXI7psegGRfZ9A.

 commands exec include all undebug

 commands exec include show running-config

 commands exec include show

 commands exec include all debug

However, when i enter DEBUG view and issue the command show run, I only see the date of the last config change from the running-config. How would I achieve the objectives of this taks.

R4#enable view DEBUG



Exec commands:

  debug    Debugging functions (see also 'undebug')

  do-exec  Mode-independent "do-exec" prefix support

  enable   Turn on privileged commands

  exit     Exit from the EXEC

  show     Show running system information

  undebug  Disable debugging functions (see also 'debug')

R4#show runn

R4#show running-config 

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 77 bytes


! Last configuration change at 14:02:01 UTC Sat Mar 14 2015








  • Hi jimmyt,

    The running-config displayed under a parser view is filtered to only show the config the respective view is 'entitled' by the 'commands configure include blabla'
    In the above example you're not allowed to configure anything, hence show run will not show anything. In the same lab the INTERFACE1 parser view configured with 'commands exec include show run' will show:

    R4#enable view INTERFACE1

    R4#sho run
    Building configuration...

    Current configuration : 148 bytes
    ! Last configuration change at 11:00:11 UTC Thu Apr 16 2015
    interface GigabitEthernet1.146
     ip address

    To show the full config within a parser view use:
    commands exec include show runn view full

    See the command reference for show run here.



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