How to allow inside users to access internet through ASA 5510?



I am new to ASA/Security firewall. i have been asked to setup lab in my office. one of the task is to allow internal users to access internet through firewall. any help on this would be appreciated.

here is my lab setup


PC -> switch (layer2) -> (inside) ASA 5510  (outside) -> switch(layer2) -> Router (gateway)


I am useing software version 8.02




  • Hi,

    Considering that the router/gateway is doing the inside to outside NAT you only need to permit traffic from inside LAN interface to outside LAN interface.

    Is there an answer to your question still needed ? I see that the question's been posted for quite a while ... If so, please let me know and we will go further with answering to your inquires.





    1. create ACL to permit inside traffic going outside
      ex. access-list INSIDE-IN permit ip INSIDE_VLANS any
    2. Determine the flow of traffic and bind to interface
      ex. access-group INSIDE-IN in interface inside
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