CCIE LAB Grading Question

CCIE Grading Question

I have some questions about lab grading. Please keep in mind that I have never taken the lab so if these questions seem off that’s why.

If a task is listed into multiple sections and sub sections (1.1 = 2 points, 1.2 = 3 points), do you have to get all the subjections correct to get the points?

I.e., if get section 1.1 correct, and 1.2 wrong, will you still get points for 1.1?

My second questions is in regards to the minimum score for each section. Is this value known in either percentage or point form?

The reason I ask is that after reading all of Bruno's CCIE v5 unleashed blog posts, a statement he keeps repeating is that you do not have to get 100% on all sections and should not aim to. Instead, he said you should try to get the majority of questions correct. However he does not get anymore specific than that.



  • On Part 1 of your quesiton - yes, you have to get each sub-task 100% correct in order to get the points.  If any one thing is wrong within the sub-task, you will not get any points.

    On Part 2 - min scores are not published, nor is the overal cut score.  I believe they grade these as a percentage.  You are right, you don't need 100% on any one section, but you need a min score in each of the three sections, then an overal score for the whole exam.  It is possible to get the min score for all threee sections (pass all three), but still fail the exam b/c the cut score is too low.  Again, the actual values are not published.

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