CCIE advises


I completed my CCNP R&S and CCDP. I was on my way of doing CCNP Data center but I think I'm gonna do CCIE instead.

Now my question, I'm really interessed in Data center (and I have several years of experience with Nexus switches). Now, there is a CCIE Data center certfication and I though of doing it but now I talked to my Cisco SE and I told me that this is an error. I should do CCIE R&S without an hesitation. R&S is what companies are looking for and what I should do. I told me I should always focus on R&S branch no matter what level.

Now, I don't have a lot of pratical routing protocol experience (My only experience with OSPF and BGP is in my CCNP labs...). I'm more of a data center switch guy. Should I do CCIE R&S first as he says ?

Do you think a company would really say "Oh, wait, you have CCIE Data center, we only hire CCIE R&S, sorry". I'm under the impression that when you have acheive a CCIE level, people should know you have advanced skills.

What do you think ?


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