DC - Plenty of time left?

Hi guys, I know the DC track has been around a while, what are the chances that it is going to face a complete refresh soon?


Also does anyone know if the waiting times for sitting lab are still very long ?









  • It depends on what you mean by a refresh.  I'm sure there will continue to be upates in the lab, but the blueprint itself, probably not.  The only real change I expect there is a removal of ACE sometime, since Cisco is no longer selling them.  The rest of the topics are still pretty much up to date, based on current Cisco product lines/recommended practices.  Eventually there will probably be another minor software update for B200 M4s, etc. 

  • Hi Joels,


    By refresh , I mean like the other tracks where they now have  TS, DIAG etc which they incorporated for R/S 5.0 and SP 4.0 ,  I assumed  that all tracks will eventually head down this route soonish.



  • A major change like that should have at least a 6 month leadtime from announcement until implementation.  I think R&S v5 had a longer lead time than that.


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