Have you had positive experiences with recruiters?

Hey guys and gals,


What would you say has been your success rate with recruiters?  Past or present.  Personally, I've only had ONE success in my whole career about 13 years ago.  That was still a challenge.  DISCLAIMER: I'm not at all saying all recruiters are bad, but I am saying 95% of the ones I've dealt with are horrible.  Issues ranged from flat out lying, to not being prepared to interview me (even though they reached out to me), and in most cases just stringing me along.  I'm curious to hear how folks in other cities, states, and countries have done.


  • I've had a number of successes, but I think if they contact you e.g. via LinkedIn after scanning through the online resume, the hit rate is going to a lot higher. Contacting recruiters to find a post, is probably the least likely to work, but I guess it could be different in some places. Somewhere between the two methods is applying for posts online. If time is on your side, listing on online sites, medium term apply to online job listings and if needing something new urgently then perhaps look for recruiters on linkedin that are already targeting other Cisco or CCIE's.

    I guess there could be 100 different strategies.

    Good luck.

  • Recruiter’s don’t continuously lie, some do, but then for a second time what job doesn’t have individuals who lie? Either to recruit or to hide what is going on. I have been in the UK Essay Writing now for over five years, I treaty with recruiters all the stage. There are some who are cool, but few and far concerning. My recruiter was honest with me. Recruiters have a truly hard job and I have to proceeds my hat off to them, lots of hours and all lot of BS they treaty with.

  • Selection representative's don't constantly lie, some do, however then for a moment time what work doesn't have people who lie? Either to enroll or to cover up what is happening. I have been in the buy assignment online now for more than five years, I settlement with scouts all the stage. There are some who are cool, yet few and far concerning. My spotter was straightforward with me. Selection representatives have a really difficult activity and I need to continues my cap off to them, bunches of hours and all part of BS they bargain with.

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  • Yes, the impression from the company directly depends on the attitude of the recruiter. for my 6 years of work, I tried a lot of companies and only one of them came up to me, actually here https://domymathhomework.org/
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  • On the off chance that you are a fresher with no experience; of course your answer will be a major NO, yet in the event that you are an accomplished scout, you can tell them about your experience, the sort of customers you have taken care of and the different positions that you have shut. You can likewise tell them the procedure you take after for doing this.

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  • Is a really complicated. You can try to look it up here.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recruitment

  • There should be a difference in new recruiters and the old one. I think it is the reason of most peoples can't manage a good environment. By the way, there are many opportunities where can't happen such things, so need to get hired by such one to solve such problems.
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  • Yes, you are right, The impression of any company directly depends on the attitude of recruiters, In my 8 Years working experience I want to tell you. The sort of customers you have taken care of and the different positions that you have shut. And now I am working at the top SEO company in Karachi, This is a very good services provider company.

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