CCIE v5 home lab

Hi Guys,


Will 4948 with IOS cat4500-entservicesk9-mz.150-2.SG9.bin work instead of using 3560G's?

I did a search, but couldn't find much info.



  • Nvm, I found out you can after doing some more research.

  • Hi Martinl,


    They are actually cheaper. I got mines from Craigslist for 300. I've seen them on ebay go for 300 to 450.They are really noisy.


    The 3750x are going around 1500+

  • Hi,

    Use software navigator feature from Cisco and compare the current image with the one required in the lab. Hardware is not relavent.



  • That is what I am using and so far I have not ran into any issues. Works perfect. 

  • I got rid of my 4948's because my girlfriend complained that
    they were too noisy.I am using 3560G's

  • my Poweredge is a noisy beast -

    bought a D-link DIR-615 - flashed it with DDWRT and turned it into a wireless bridge - then I moved all the crap into the basement where I can go power it on without disturbing anyone or blowing 300 bucks on a wireless NIC for the server -

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