v5.ts1.task 6

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This task has 6 errors to fix and it depends on task 5.  I spent 30 minutes on it before deciding  to move to the next.   I found only 3 errors. Is this the normal level of difficulty for troubleshooting?





  • It does not depend on task 5. On task 5, you have to solve a broken eigrp adjacency btw same routers, So I thougt it would depend on it. But you are right, it is not related to ipv4.




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    I have not load lab but task 5 is about IPv6 and task 6 is not. although it is in same area, are u sure task 6 depends on task 5?

    How do INE TS compare to real lab? I wanna know but due to NDA, I am not sure anyone will tell.

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