mVPN | MDT Group Addresses

I was wondering if someone could confirm my understanding on the MDT group addresses, from a design perspective.

I would appear that the MDT group addresses are not tied to the the "vpn" (outside of the local PE) or assoicated/filtered by way of route-targets,  there for my conclusion are as follows;

1 - You will need to keep the group addess (both default and data) unique per customers (or per group of vpn sites).

2 - If they are not unquie,  you risk the chance of that mcast traffic being flooded into other customers VPN sites. 




  • Hello - VPN group addresses are tied to VPN.

    VRF instances that are part of same VPN share the same VPN group address.

    VPN group address is destination address of Multicast feed in particular VRF instance.

    If different VPN's share the same VPN group address it's kinda defeating the whole purpose of VPN's.

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