Inter AS MPLS VPN using Cisco ASR and Brocade MLX

Hello guys,

I am having two issues regarding Inter AS MPLS VPN using two vendors hardware.

Set up : Cisco 2821 <----iBGP VPN ----> Brocade MLX(65001) <----eBGP VPN----> Cisco ASR1K (AS65000)


1: Brocade does not advertise iBGP learned VPN routes to th remote eBGP peer.

2: Brocade does not install eBGP learned routes into the local VRF instance. They are there in BGP VPN table though. Also does not advertise eBGP learned routes to the local iBGP peer either. Any clue??

Its a bit poor documentation from Brocade therefore raising the question here :-)




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