IOU with 3200

Hello citizens! I hope you help me I prepare my CCIE R&S lab using IOU I amanged to install GNS3 v 1.2.3 , IOU inside virtual box and I updated GNS3-server 1.2.3 my problem now I managed to run L2 correctly,but when I run L3 I got this msg in console


Server error [-3200] from IOU2: IOU image '/home/gns3/GNS3/images/i86bi_linux-adventerprisek9-ms.152-2-2.3T


' is not accessibleso I hope you help me what shall I do 





  • keep in mind that L2 runs correctly 0.o I do not know what shall I do 

  • check iou settings /directory again, run set up again, make sure iou name matches iou path (image may be not in home/gns3/...):



    I have seen that error discussed on new gns3 forum, did u check there?

  • I solved it and i'll write my notes :))

  • so, how did u solve this 3200 error? I have tried load someone elses' gns file and got same error  Server error [-3200]

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