Finally purchased the AAP

After several years of being in this forum and just buying a workbook here and there, I finally got the All Access Pass last month.  I'm very happy with the product.



Ken Hagen
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  • Try the AAP IOS/ Android App (in case you did not try it already).....also a very good product which can be used with an AAP subscription..





  • Yes I love the AAP, and the Android App is very sweet.  Works well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

  • Thank you for sharing the information. I am also thinking to buy one of the model of Samsung Galaxy to be able to listen to AAP and ATC Constantly even in the car or while I am walking at home or outside. One of them also has a pen style. I was wondering if that can be used for book marking in the audio. Based on your experience, could you please advise me which model of Samsung Galaxy best works for this purpose.

    Thank you,

  • Well there are many types of Samsung Galasy devices! [:O]

    So it depends on what you want to do with it.  You need to keep in mind AAP is streaming, so no files to access when no connectivity and could quickly eat up you data plan on 4G connections.  If you are only going to do things when you have WiFi access they you can save money and not get the 4G connectivity on the device. 

    For purely audio, just use your phone and a stylus to access.  The newer devices also allow voice commands so that might help, but I have not tried to use that with the AAP app.  You then use the stylus to book mark like you would a mouse on your computer. 

    If you plan on reading books on the device as well as the video/audio then you might need more space than a phone size.  I have the Tab S 8.4" and it is the size of a paperback book, reading is very good and free apps will allow you to do lots of things like highlight, underline, even take notes.  The taking notes part is a lot more demanding, and thus getting the right stylus is much more important.  If note taking is very important then go with the Note line of Galaxy devices, which come with a S stylus.  If just doing the highlighting and only occasional notes then a standard stylus is fine, and thus the Tab line is better.

    This is obviously a very personal thing, so I suggest you go to Best Buy and try several out to see how they work.  They can even give you Wifi Access so you see how the AAP will work.  Just make sure you don't save your username and password to the demo device. [:)]  

    If money is an issue, as some of these are quite expensive, then once you have found what you want you can look for some used devices and get better deals.  Refurbs are always a good option.  You might also be able to get away with an older model, but again try before you buy.

  • Thank you very much for your great feedback. I have been thinking about which model would work best for a few months now. I have a work laptop that I carry in the car but I can not carry every where to watch videos. Mostly, I listen to ATCs at this time but after that is done, I am planning to use AAP.

    I have gone to Frys and looked at different models but I got more confused. :)

    As you mentioned, listening to AAP on 4G can be expensive. I am also planning to use it for reading books, listening to ATC, Highlights, book marks, May be a little bit writing notes as I think writing notes can also be done on the Laptop in my case.

    Would those Free APPs save the book marks on the book so that when we go back to the book, we can see it?

    Are you using Safari for book reading purposes?

    Based on above descriptions, could you please recommends a best model and some alternatives. Obviously, some Galaxy models get as expensive as Laptop so that I dont want to buy those very expensive ones. Since I dont think I can return any model that I buy if I dont like it, I would want to make sure that I have all the information before any purchase.

    Thank you again for your time.

    Good luck on Preparation :)




  • I understand the confusion, it took me a while to figure out what worked best for me.  I have used Safari in the past with the free month, but I decided at this time I wanted the books for my library so I bought them.  Thus, I have a mixture of hardcopy and e-books. 

    The apps will keep you bookmarks, highlights etc if you have the files on your device.  This is very similar to e-books on your computer.  Not sure how this would work with Safari, but they might have an Android app to make it happen.

    Recomendations based on your input:  (These are all Samsung Galaxy models)

    I choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4", Model #SM-T700NTSAXAR.  This was because of the great display, light weight, and size.  It fits my hand well and is fairly comfortable for me to hold with one hand and read.  It also has good memory levels.  This can be expensive, but look around and you can get a good deal.  The 10.5" version is nice, but more expensive and its too big for my planned use.

    If you want to save some money look for the Tab 4 8.0.  It does not have the resolution of the S models, but unless your watching 1080p quality video it will work fine.  I would not go to the Tab 4 7.0 unless you can get 16 GB memory.  8 GB is not really enough and not all apps will run in the expanded microSD memory.

    If you want to use it as a note taking device or to draw a lot of pictures/diagrams, then go with the Note models as they come with a S pen.  These are more expensive and most of them come with wireless phone.  There are multiple sizes, but the smaller ones are basically smart phones.

    I did not talk about the cameras, but unless you plan on making a lot of videos they all have good enough resolution and both front and back.  This might come in handy to do skype or google+/hangouts with a study partner.  Can use the device to show the screen of your terminal sessions as you talk about the task at hand or work out problems.

    Hope that helps!       

  • Thank you again for your great feedback. It really helped. I appreciate your input.

    Best of luck in your CCIE journey!

  • I bought the Galaxy Tab S 10.5.  I found a great deal on the device during the holiday deals so I couldn't pass it up.  

    The reason why I bought this model is because I was able to buy a 128GB micro SD card and put all of the ATC videos on.  I don't have to worry about streaming and can access any video at any time.  I don't think you can download the videos when using the AAP, but not sure.  

  • Thank you for your feedback. All these inputs really help. You are right. there is no download option for AAP. However, that tablet can be really handy for watching ATCs and read ebooks or IOS downloads, etc.

    Since I have never worked with tablet, I am not sure how I can transfer all my ATCs download files from my laptop to the tablet. The reason is because my laptop does not accept SDT and tablet does not accept USB. Would it mean that I have to go through all downloads again and download them directly from ATC Website directly to SDT on the tablet or I can transfer the files from laptop to tablet?

    I think your model does not have a pen attached. would having a pen with tablet become handy any situations other than bookmarks or drawing a diagram which I think we can do it with paintbrush of windows OS on the laptop.

    Were you able to find a good deal on the device on Amazon or other retail stores?

    Thank you again for the feedback.







  • Thank you very much for your feedback. It was very benefical.

  • Ellie,

    All tablets, Androids and iPads, have a cable that is used to charge which is a USB.  On Android the side that plugs into the tablet is a mini USB and the other side of the cable is a normal size USB that plugs into a laptop or computer.  I downloaded all of the ATC videos to my computer when I first started, but needed to transfer to the tablet after I bought it.  You plug the mini usb into the tablet and the normal usb into the laptop.  When you copy the videos over you can specify where you want them to go.  I choose the memory card because I bought the 128gb one.  R&S ATC are around 82GB so it did take awhile since the tablet doesn't support USB 3.0, so be patient.  

    I don't have a pen with my tablet and don't see me ever getting one, just my opinion.  I haven't tried to bookmark or make comments any pages with ebooks in pdfviewer, but I'm sure you can add notes like you can with Adobe.  I printed out the main diagram on regular paper, then when to an office supply store to have them laminate it.  I then bought some dry erase crayons, or markers, to use with it.  Now I can draw whatever I want on the laminated diagram and when I'm done I just erase and start over.  I find that having a separate diagram while watching the videos have really helped me understand what is going on while I'm watching.  I don't think creating a diagram on the tablet would be helpful because you wouldn't be able to view it while watching the videos.  

    I was looking for tablet deals for Black Friday, after Thanksgiving, sales.  I found an awesome sale at Costco.  I'm not sure how much they are now, but I feel like I got a great deal.  I had an older tablet that was a 7" and my new Tab S is 10.5.  I love the size and I'm glad I went with the bigger model.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • i dont understand why all are buying AAP since you can do study of only one track at a time and can take upto 3 to 12 months of study (depends with every individual)

    so having AAP for all tracks and certifications at the same time, not make me any sense to  buy

    may be you have different point of view for AAP product. please highlight



  • For me...I used to be in a 100% R&S environment, and so have been focused on the R&S track, as of late, my job has shifted into 80% DC, so the training video's are very helpful with getting up to speed on this environment, not to mention the addition of ASA's on the network as well, so again, INE's Security track has provided a boat load of excellent video's to help get me up to speed.

    I had bought just the R&S materials, but when the job started to swing into this new direction, the AAP was a no brainer for me.

    Best of luck in your decision to purchase the AAP or not.


  • I'm not gonna lie - I'm this close to buying an AAP and getting rolling, but I'm SORTA waiting to see if there's a Memorial Day Special [<:o)]

    I know, I'm bad - but my company isn't going to cough up for my training budget on this one

  • well, I took advantage of the special going on to get a 2 yr subscription - I sure wish my company had been able to scare up the scratch for it - but c'est la vie.

    shoulda waited till after the Alaska Summer though - going to be hard to study when I've got to cram a lot of living into the next 4 months - LOL

  • EllieEllie ✭✭

    Thank you for your information about tablet. I have finally purchased 10.5 samsung and I really like it.

    @eagle, as you mentioned about putting the diagram on the laminate that you have done, I wanted to check what I need to buy before going to Office Depote asking for such a service. That seems really interesting to have the topology up there and drawing on it with crayons. I had this question since that time that you posted but wanted to research about it first. Now, I thought it is better to ask and get the direct instructions.

    Also, I wanted to check if we can use rack rentals to execute commands with Brian's ATC videos in parallel while we are watching? if the answer is yes, what type of pre-configurations we need to upload to the routers and switches in order to run the commands with ATC Videos.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Load ATC Basic IP addressing for start up config. u will not be able to follow all videos but most of them. some of those videos u must configure by yourself starting with basic ip addressing.  

    good luck

  • EllieEllie ✭✭

    Thank you Martin for your quick response. I was planning to start it tomorrow and was waiting for some feedback.

    Thanks again. Good luck on your studies.

  • Ellie, sorry it's taken me a few days to respond.  I just passed the CCIE R&S so I was taking a break.  

    All you need to do is print out whatever topology you want on regular paper.  Once you have those you can take them to an office supply store and have them laminate.  After that you can draw on them with dry erase crayons or markers and enjoy studying.  I bought a server and choose to have my own equipment.  I already had the switches so all I needed was a server that cost me around $500.00.  I felt that having my own server was better for me and my schedule.  I could go as fast, slow or repeat what labs I needed without having the time constraints of renting rack time.  Hopefully this clears up your questions.

  • EllieEllie ✭✭

    Hi Eagle,

    Great. Congradulations on passing CCIE EXAM. Well done. You have been so much helpful on this forum for being patient and explaining everything on details. Actually, Whenever I post anything, Everybody in the forum are so helpful and quick responder. I am thankful for that.

    I was not planning to ask any furhtur questions but now that your journey is finished, could you please share your CCIE Journey from start to finish and approximately how many hours per week you could allocate to this whenever you get a chance.

    Also, I am thinking about buying a server to do more basic labs and use rack rental for the more complicated ones. could you please let me know the specifications of your server and if you use IOU or GNS3 or combinations of all and if you were able to run all the commands without any bugs from software.

    Thank you again for being always so helpful. Enjoy your number and your time break now. :)



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