Am I the only one totally bombing these?

Am I the only one totally bombing these?  I feel like any subject I give attention to in order to better myself at it, I end up regressing on one or two others.

Ex.  My DMVPN, IPSec, and Multicast are not where they need to be, so I focus on them for a solid week or two at least.  Then when I go back to something I'm competant at, it's like square one.  Anyone got any advice?  I try to re-visit subjects I haven't messed with in awhile each week (like QoS this week, DMVPN next week, then a brush up on QoS the next week etc) but get totally exposed during the full TS labs.




  • What do you do at lunchtime?  The only thing I could suggest at this stage is to read through your study notes during your 30-60 min lunch breaks to keep it fresh in your head.  Stagger it on each of the topics you not 100% focused on.  Troubleshooting is a bit harder because it needs more hands on, but if your keeping notes when your actually focused, then you can always refer back to them as a refresher.


    Hope that helps.

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    No, it isn't just you.   These labs are good.    DO-REDO-REPEAT   little by little it all sinks into the brain. ;-)

    Sometimes I do question some of the technologies (not covered in the workbook) that are thrown into the R&S mix.  But we cannot complain, because anything can be thrown at us.  Just enjoy the ride.   ;-)

  • I do the bulk of my workbooks and gns3 at work.  I do labs with ine during weekends.  I'll try going over my notes more.


  • Forgot to give background:  i watched ALL atc vids, went through all workbooks while taking notes, I also do gns3vault labs on the side.  Started this May of last year and began foundation and tshoot labs this month.

  • So are all those methods providing bennifit or are you just spinning your wheels just to grind away the hours? Question each and every one of your study methods and if it provides any substance. For example I dropped all ATC videos outside of during workout becuase I cant stay focused. I get more out of reading than watching videos. This was not the case through all my other certs.


    Keep pushing and honing your study skills the material will set in and start clicking. It just takes time and a consistant beating it into your head. Also mix stuff up and not run through the same routine. Do labs a couple weeks then back off and focus on theory. Then do a deep-dive. Mix in some free-style labbing so your not just running through canned labs.

    You might also give blogging a shot. teaching is the best way to learn ;)

    Best of luck dude !

  • You may be right.  I cant focus on vids during work, but I can before bed.  I can do small labs while at work, but find it difficult to concentrate on vids/books during the day.

  • Never thought about it that way thatguy.  Will do.  Hope your bootcamp studies pay off!

  • Thanks dude!!

    The most important thing is to just keep pushing and dont worry how long it takes you in compairison to every one else.  Constant pressure can move mountains! 


    Good luck!!

  • When I went through I felt exactly the same.  I went through all the video materials (from a couple of different vendors) and each time (labbing what they were doing at the time), by the time I was going back through again I realised I had forgotten stuff from the last time through.  Even when it came time to start properly labbing, the workbooks that worked through technology by technology, by the time I had gone through it I was getting hazy on the stuff at the start.

    It started coming together for me when I started to go through the practice labs.  Initially I was weak on stuff I hadn't looked at for a while, but that was soon rectified simply by doing a few extra labs.  THen when I went back to the individual technology parts of the workbook, everything seemed to come that much easier.

    Stick with it, you'll get there - remember plenty of people less capable than you have made it (exhibit A right here).



    Jason (RS #45560)

  • Another strategy could be to switch between topic intermittently. E.g. if l learned qos yesterday and I learn multicast today, I will start asking myself questions about the qos I learnt yesterday. if any doubts then stop and lab it up. I think the greatest enemy of ccie study is to retain information and the only way to do that is by active recall.

  • you can use tools like Anki to repeat topics (Flashcards), or Xmind/ Freeplane to create Mindmaps...

    just two additional options to keep the memory fresh

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