Stacking 3650's

Hi Guys,

I just got some new 3650's to play a bit with the stacking.  Upon boot, I get the syslog msg "%PLATFORM_MGR-1-PLATMGR_INIT_FAIL: Platform Manager: Failed to set system LEDs after POST." (shown at the bottom of this post).  I get this on both of my brand new switches, however the LED System LED light is actually lit.  So does anyone know why this message is being displayed?





Memory Test Pass!


Base ethernet MAC Address: f0:7f:06:aa:75:80


Interface GE 0 link down***ERROR: PHY link is down

Initializing Flash...


flashfs[7]: 0 files, 1 directories

flashfs[7]: 0 orphaned files, 0 orphaned directories

flashfs[7]: Total bytes: 6784000

flashfs[7]: Bytes used: 1024

flashfs[7]: Bytes available: 6782976

flashfs[7]: flashfs fsck took 1 seconds....done Initializing Flash.

Getting rest of image

Reading full image into memory....done

Reading full base package into memory...: done = 79121160

Nova Bundle Image


Kernel Address    : 0x6042d333

Kernel Size       : 0x402ecf/4206287

Initramfs Address : 0x60830233

Initramfs Size    : 0xdb98e6/14391526

Compression Format: .mzip


Bootable image at @ ram:0x6042d333

Bootable image segment 0 address range [0x81100000, 0x82110000] is in range [0x80180000, 0x90000000].

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@boot_system: 377

Loading Linux kernel with entry point 0x81651310 ...

Bootloader: Done loading app on core_mask: 0xf


### Launching Linux Kernel (flags = 0x5)


All packages are Digitally Signed

Starting System Services


Jan 19 08:57:04 %PLATFORM_MGR-1-PLATMGR_INIT_FAIL: Platform Manager: Failed to set system LEDs after POST.


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