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Hi folks;

a question please.  i have a policy map (below), that seems a little suspect to me.  I have voice and otehr rsignaliimg info passing through my me3600x (interfacing with PEs on wan side and customerswtch on lan side).


here is the policy map detail:


policy-map LAN_OUT


police 1000000 conform-action transmit 
exceed-action drop







bandwidth percent 1 


ef is being put into priority queue, service rate for that queue is 1M (as indicated by 1000000 bps). I am not sure what is happening with  af3, af2 and af1 classes in teh above configuraion. Class default  is getting only 1 percent of bandwidth (1 percent of physical port speed i think, is it?


thanks in advance. 


  •  i have a policy map (below), that seems a little suspect to me


    Traffic matching EF class  traffic goes to a policed priority queue - anything above 1 Mbit/s is dropped.  This is regardless of whether this is congested or uncongested.

    Anything not matching AF3,AF2 or AF1 class is guaranteed at least 1% of the bandwidth during congestion - but can burst above this at other times.

    Classes AF3,AF2 and AF1 can use whatever bandwidth they please when there is no congestion otherwise during congestion total bandwidth - 1Mbit/s - 1% of total bandwidth expressed in Mbit/s.

    The better option is to actual use the show policy-map interface output command to get an understanding of what is going on.

    My guess is that AF3-AF1 classes will get fair-queue treatment.





  • Thanks Welshy.


    so fair queue treatment from scheduling perspective, right?  

    I am also not sure as to what what kind of queuing is being used for AF classes in this plicy map. If i had sed bandwidth remaining statementthen it would have been cbwfq based queuing, but here nothing has been specidied so i am not too sure (the equipment being used here is me3600)






  • so fair queue treatment from scheduling perspective, right?

    Show us the output from show policy-map interface output this will tell you how the switch is interpreting the configuration.

    QoS in switches is platform dependent, so I can't say for sure what you will or won't be getting until seeing this output!

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