CSR1000v on VMware workstation or VirtualBlox - issues so far

Hello folks, 

I have been running CSR1000v downloaded as a trial from cisco.com.

It really seems the initial setup and boot process was easy. I am using it with GNS3 v1.2.1.

However I have been running into lot of inconsistencies and crashes.

On VirtualBox, sometimes I launch the CSR1000v, I use GNS3 to  connect it via a link to Linux box for example and I can't ping each other no matter what I do (occasionally that works great).

On VMWare Workstation 10.0 (without GNS3), I ran the CRS1000v image "NATed" to  a Linux box. Connectivity is great, I can consistely ping each other fine. However after few minutes the CSR1000v reboots itself.

Anyone there has any better luck? Which Virtualization tool is more recommended to run the CSR1000v, VM Worstation or VirtualBox?





  • You have a point. I see CSR1000v has been tested on type 1 hypervisors. VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation are type 2.

  • +1 on the type 1 hypervisors for CSR1000V. I've had a few running within my vSphere environment for a while now, no significant issues (caviat - lab, not production)

  • vSphere is the best option. You can get it for free with limited features. You also need a high spec server.

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