Router on stick with native vlan


          I was did a scenarios "Router on stick" and some issues comes on the play. This lab is on WBI,

          On the SW1 and SW2, i configured vlan 16,26, the SW1 is connected to r1 on vlan16, and SW2 to r2 on vlan26. the SW1 and SW2 is on do1q trunk, and used vlan 1 native. sw2 is connected to r6. sw2 and r6 is on trunk do1q and is used vlan 16 as native. I did some test o that. i cannt ping from r1 to r6 interface, but i can ping from r2 to r6. i configured an ip address on vlan16 on sw2, and ping is successfully. Ping from sw2 to r6, is not successfuly. i saw the solutions guide, the configurations was the same. When i remove, the native options on sw2 and r6, can ping successfuly 



  • Try this command on your switch. It should allow you to ping the interfaces in the native vlan. The switch doesn't know what to do with the untagged traffic


    Lab1SW1(config)#vlan dot1q tag native ?

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