Foundation Lab 3 First Thoughts

Well. Foundation lab 3. What a great lab. This by far I enjoyed more than the full scale labs 1&2

Once I reached the L3 section, almost every tasks difficulties were exacerbated by the many hidden dependencies. Really made you think.
The task was, configure X. But don’t do this or use that. Ok no worries easy peasy. But wait, that would break Y and wouldn’t work unless I configured Z on those previously configured routers.
In the past configuring redistribution was anathema to me. But I've certainly started to accept the challenges surrounding it. This was the hardest redistribution lab I've done so far. I had to plan the exact minutiae how my tagging was implemented and almost came undone when I couldn’t find ospfv3 distribute list route-map command, but I worked around it.
All in all I’m finding the volume of configuration and complexity of tasks easily on par with the full scale labs.
I might just call is Full Scale Lab 3, but whatever.
Anyway much appreciated INE team, this one was a really tough challenge! Can't wait for more of the same ilk :-)


  • I also got almost in love with foundation lab 3. For sure this lab was much much deeper from Foundation Labs 1 and 2.

    You made such a great job combining all technologies together.

    Just a hint for people studying. Use verification with ALL configured because workbook focuses on work untill the point of advance.

    Best regards!

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