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Sorry this isn't related to posting a job so much as it is a query of job opinions.

How did you all decide on what you wanted to do in terms of career advancment in networking?  I'm currently a senior network engineer in an operations division for a well known organization.  The pay is decent, but frankly I'm tired of scheduled maintenance during off hours and being the first line if inquiry whenever there's a problem.

Now I know maintenance and off hours work is often times part of the networking game, and I actually don't even mind terribly about a call at 2am.  I do, however, care about being asked constantly to do off hours work (3pm to midnight in my case).  How did you guys go about choosing your career paths and jobs in networking?  Did you always seek to go up the ladder?  Was money the biggest factor or work from home?  I'm curious.  I'm not sure what I want to do next after obtaining my CCIE.

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for a career-related question.



  • Yeah I definitely delegate when smashed.  That's how I learned, so I pass it on to others.  The thing is, I basically found out that my current company won't pay me much more for obtaining a CCIE or moving positions altogether so it definitely is killing my interest.  That is why I'm trying to plan my next move.


    I was told to put a list together of things I want/want to do, I just can't figure out what that position may be.  Let me know:


    -Need the ability to telecommute/wfh from time to time

    -Don't mind being on call, but don't want to deal with changes past 5pm unless breakfix from said call

    -Would like to be involved in design/buildouts

  • I'll research it but I think you're right.  The bottom line is I'm beginning to hate operations/break fix and love working from home.  Actual work.  I'm not a slacker.

  • I was at the same junction couple of months ago. After reading several blogs (and asked a known multi-CCIE & CCDE) , it is recommended for one to pass CCIE (not a must, mind you) before attempting CCDE.

    Again, it's not a must, but certainly will help. As for me, since I love these kind of thing (mucking around cli, or routing protocols or even L2, other technologies) CCIE seems the way to go (for now).

    I'd like to think CCNA/CCNP as foundation of CCIE and CCIE as a foundation of CCDE. 

  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    A couple of thoughts here:

    I work at a large company with a large network ops organization. With a big enough company, we have a team in the US that does a lot of the overseas maintenance, a team on the other side of the globe that does a lot of the US work, and we have a few contract employees who often tasked with the work that falls into the "US evening" gap before the overseas team comes on the clock, as well as much of the Saturday work. :)

    A friend who kept getting tasked with all sorts of maintenance work around the clock said to his boss, "here's the deal: I'll work 12 hours a day for you, and you get to pick when that shift starts, but you don't get to split the shift up." Boss said cool. So he said "you've got me on work from 4pm to 4am, and you want me on the 10am team call, what do you want to do?" Boss said "well, can you join the call?", to which he said sure, but someone else has to take over the maintenance at 10pm. Boss said "Oh". :)

    Aside from my first real job and finding a job after following my ex-wife to another state, I switched jobs because:

    (2000) For proper "respect" and challenges, and more money

    (2002) Becase I was laid off. :)

    (2010) My employer got acquired, and the new CEO was a raging lunatic.

    (2012) Because I got my CCIE and wanted to move to the Seattle area.

    (2013) I was offered the opportunity to "upgrade" from contract employee doing the night and Saturday work to direct employee who doesn't have to do night/Saturday work. :)

  • I have my 1st attempt scheduled in May and I'm saved up for two attempts.  Based on those two I'll go from there, but I'd probably ease my way into design afterwards since Ialso need to finish college.  I'm thinking more and more that design will be my bag one day as I loathe security and am not particularly intrested in datacenter.

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