Question regarding to shaping

I have question regarding to traffic shaping bandwidth.

Most document states that without any QOS method, physical interface will send data based on its "clock rate".  And bandidth command will not actually change the behavior of actuall sending speed.

What will happen if the interface speed is 1Gbps but the interface negotiated with other side with 100Mbps?

Will physical interface actually send data with 100Mbps or doing some kind of shaping implicitly?(By dividing sec into tc slice)


  • Hi,

    clock rate, slot time, interframe gap and other characteristics would definitely be different for 100mbps and 1gbps. So judging from that I'd say that FastEthernet interface and GigabitEthernet interface with 100mbps negotiated speed should behave exactly the same.

    To answer your question explicitly, there will be no shaping, the NIC will just be taking the bytes of out the TX ring at 100mbps as on common FastEthernet.

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