New Features and Improvements in INE Online Workbooks!

We have been collecting your feedback on online workbooks, and we’re pleased to announce the following updates:

• We have added a Table of Contents landing page that mirrors the design of our video playlists. Just click the workbook title at the top of any page to access the Table of Contents. 

• You can track your progress by selecting check boxes for each task or lab, either on the new Table of Contents page or at the top of any topic. 

• Configuration sections are now hidden (collapsed) by default.

• You may now save more than one bookmark at a time.

• You can access all your bookmarks at the top of the new Table of Contents page.

• When you load the Table of Contents, you are asked if you want to go to your last saved bookmark. Dismissing this prompt prevents it from reappearing for two days.


Kind Regards,

Kristen Hansen
Technical Marketing | INE, Inc. 

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