1.1 VLAN Assignments

I'm using dynamips to simulate this lab.I couldn't figure out how to get the VTP working.It looks easy but I have no idea what is the problem with.I have set SW1 as  VTP server mode with a given VLAN information.SW2,SW3,SW4 as a VTP client.But still SW2,SW3,SW4 were unable to get the VLAN information.When I show vlan-switch brief on these routers no VLANs were listed in the table.


  • Eddy,

    Had you set up all your trunks, etc in sections 1.2 - 1.4?


    Recall that VTP will only share info once the trunks are set up, and once they're set, you should have all the VLANs everywhere, assuming you've got the correct domain/password set on all the devices.



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