1.6 Redistribution - Routing path between RIP and OSPF through EIGRP

To match the "R3#show ip route rip | begin Gateway" and "R4#show ip route rip | begin Gateway" output the following config lines have to be added to ensure that routes between the RIP and OSPF routing domains are not exchanged via the EIGRP routing domain. For the task requirements it is not a must.

Any comments? :)

 match tag 590

 match tag 190


  • read solution for this. it's pretty good.

  • Do we need reachability to ALL links or just the loopbacks? It says full and stable between all the routers but does that mean full routers as in all routers no matter what link, or does my verification have EVERY SINGLE link in the core topology?

  • You should be able to have reachability to all devices in the core network after the redistribution task. The ping script that is used for verification has most links (enough to test that there is full reachability). Since the task did not specify, I would personally check reachability to all links and loopbacks. 

    The gives a strategy to verify this - make your ping script and run it from different points on the network where potential issues may appear.


  • if u have route-map with match tag x, there must be a route map that set that tag per route or prefixes. 


    Brian has free videos on redistribution; 3 cases in ccie advanced technology course. find them, watch them online.

  • besides tagging routes with route-maps, u can just do it with redistribute command  option tag #


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