1.6 Redistribution - EIGRP connected into RIP

On R4, the subnets on the EIGRP interfaces GigabitEthernet1.45 and GigabitEthernet1.46 can not be redidistributed in the OSPF process due to the lower amin distance. Therefore the solution shows how to add them in the routed map for the redistribution of connected subnets into OSPF. Nothing wrong here.

On R5 we have a similar case with redistribution of EIGRP routes into RIP. The subnet on GigabitEthernet1.58 is imported through a network statement into EIGRP and then redistributed into RIP. I would have expected that this won't work since the admin distance of EIGRP is lower than RIP. I would have expected that I have to directly redistribute this connected interface in to RIP as well.

According to the solution it works without and I can confirm but can't explain why. Any help? :)

R5#sh ip route  
Routing entry for
  Known via "connected", distance 0, metric 0 (connected, via interface)
  Redistributing via rip, eigrp 56
  Advertised by rip
  Routing Descriptor Blocks:
  * directly connected, via GigabitEthernet1.58
      Route metric is 0, traffic share count is 1

R5#sh ip eigrp topology
EIGRP-IPv4 VR(INE_CCIE) Topology Entry for AS(56)/ID( for
  State is Passive, Query origin flag is 1, 1 Successor(s), FD is 655360
  Descriptor Blocks: (GigabitEthernet1.58), from Connected, Send flag is 0x0
      Composite metric is (655360/0), route is Internal
      Vector metric:
        Minimum bandwidth is 1000000 Kbit
        Total delay is 10000000 picoseconds
        Reliability is 255/255
        Load is 1/255
        Minimum MTU is 1500
        Hop count is 0
        Originating router is

R5#sh ip rip database    redistributed
    [1] via,

R6#sh ip route
Routing entry for
  Known via "rip", distance 120, metric 1
  Tag 590
  Redistributing via rip
  Last update from on GigabitEthernet1.56, 00:00:25 ago
  Routing Descriptor Blocks:
  *, from, 00:00:25 ago, via GigabitEthernet1.56
      Route metric is 1, traffic share count is 1
      Route tag 590


  • You do need to be careful about the connected interfaces. For example, if you have a redistribute connected in OSPF with a route-map specifying a certain interface and then you have a task to mutually redistribute between EIGRP and OSPF on that router, the EIGRP interfaces won't get redistributed into OSPF unless you add them to the route-map.

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