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Working on a client's cube that contains a SIP trunk, PRI, and Analog ports. Customer experiencing an issue where non DiD (and not masked to a DiD) numbers are routing out analog ports. I am pretty sure the SIP provider is denying non associated numbers, forcing the CUBE to reroute the call to one of the other route groups inside the CUBE. Looking into what debugs I need to see the routing path for the call. I'm thinking debug ccsip all and the usual h323 debugs but I am not certain. The architecture is

CUCM->sip trunk ->cube-> various egress ports

The customer had the non DiD numbers improperly masked identical to a DiD (i.e. 555555XXXX) instead of one of the DiDs (i.e. 5555551212) and make a test call which was reported as successful, but I want to confirm via debugs that the routing is correct so that  the issue doesn't raise it's head again in the future.


Should there be additional debugging turned on? Not sure how far debugging MGCP would get me and don't want a glut of unneeded info either.


Thanks for your help.


  • "Debug voip dialpeer" will show dial peer matching so you can confirm the outbound dial peer preference list.  If the SIP dial peer is tried first then "debug ccsip messages" will show you the carrier's failure messages. 

    Other than that you can use "show dialplan number <number>" to see which outbound dial peer will match.  This command has been a bit finicky for me in the past, I havn't figured out all the usage rules for this command.


    CorpHQ#  show dialplan number 94806663000
    Macro Exp.: 94806663000

            peer type = voice, system default peer = FALSE, information type = voice,
            description = `',
            tag = 10, destination-pattern = `^9480666....$',
            voice reg type = 0, corresponding tag = 0,
            allow watch = FALSE
            answer-address = `', preference=0,
            CLID Restriction = None
            CLID Network Number = `'
            CLID Second Number sent
            CLID Override RDNIS = disabled,
            rtp-ssrc mux = system
            source carrier-id = `', target carrier-id = `',
            source trunk-group-label = `',  target trunk-group-label = `',
            numbering Type = `unknown'
            group = 10, Admin state is up, Operation state is up,
            Outbound state is up,
            incoming called-number = `', connections/maximum = 0/unlimited,
            DTMF Relay = disabled,
            URI classes:
                Destination =
            huntstop = disabled,
            in bound application associated: 'DEFAULT'
            out bound application associated: ''
            dnis-map =
            permission :both
            incoming COR list:maximum capability
            outgoing COR list:minimum requirement
            Translation profile (Incoming):
            Translation profile (Outgoing):SUBSCRIBER
            incoming call blocking:
            translation-profile = `'
            disconnect-cause = `no-service'
            advertise 0x40 capacity_update_timer 25 addrFamily 4 oldAddrFamily 4
            mailbox selection policy: none
            type = pots, prefix = `',
            forward-digits 10
            session-target = `', voice-port = `0/1/0:23',
            direct-inward-dial = disabled,
            digit_strip = enabled,
            register E.164 number with H323 GK and/or SIP Registrar = TRUE
            fax rate = system,   payload size =  20 bytes
            supported-language = ''
            preemption level = `routine'
                maximum = 64 KBits/sec, minimum = 64 KBits/sec
            voice class called-number:
                inbound = `', outbound = `'
            dial tone generation after remote onhook = enabled
            mobility=0, snr=, snr_noan=, snr_delay=0, snr_timeout=0
            snr calling-number local=disabled, snr ring-stop=disabled, snr answer-too-soon timer=0
            Time elapsed since last clearing of voice call statistics never
            Connect Time = 0, Charged Units = 0,
            Successful Calls = 0, Failed Calls = 0, Incomplete Calls = 0
            Accepted Calls = 0, Refused Calls = 0,
            Last Disconnect Cause is "",
            Last Disconnect Text is "",
            Last Setup Time = 0.
            Last Disconnect Time = 0.
    Matched: 94806663000   Digits: 9


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