2.2 OSPF - Site Routing

Configure the network so that R13 can reach R10’s loopback0 via R11, and so that R14 can reach it via R12. Don’t modify the link cost/metrics to accomplish this task.

Although it is clear that the task requires mutual 2 points redistribution between ospf and eigrp, it is not clear in which way would be possible to achieve the same modifying the cost/metrics of any of these 2 protocols.

Thank you for any clarifications.


  • interesting...dont have access to lab, maybe filtering is the answer. allow some routes thru and block some here and there and vice versa. check/lab it later.

    changing AD distance could be another option.

  • Use prefix list for subnets. Then with a route-map set the metric. Then use the route-map in the redistribution. 

  • I agree with GioPierb. Wording says: "Don't modify the link cost/metrics to accomplish this task", so we have to pick some other solution (redistribution) and I also don't see how we could accomplish this with changing cost/metris in the first place.

    Also there is mistake that redistribution of EIGRP into OSPF is put on every router in OSPF Area 5, but I assume this is just copy-paste mistake.

  • The solution configs have been updated - redistribution is only needed on R11 and R12 for this task.


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