CISCO Doc CD - Is this the right page?

Hello all.  Just a quickie for those who have taken the lab.  Is the link below the exact page we'll be taken to?  Just want to make sure as I've made this my home page to force me to practice searching topics on Cisco's site.



  • Yes, but I cannot load page; they have been upgrading/changing the main page, and stuff is moved around.

    If u begin to read DOCs, you should read technlogy sections (not avaiaible on exam) and leave particular IOS section for the lab exam.

    During exam, only the page u listed will show up; you can only access Config and Command Reference guides, Master index.

    Usually I follow this path to find what I need., support, find Configure on left buttom page. then Support > All Products > Product > IOS and Nx > IOS >  IOS Software Release 15M&T >

  • Thanks.  I only seem to have luck with 15.2M&T and 12.4(24) T

  • yes, if one of 15.x does not  work for you, try another version out of 15.x;

    in case of emergency, 12.4T is stable and always there.

  • I have the best luck with clicking the the 15.4M&T and then clicking the 15.4 M&T again.  This gives the configuration guides link and then you can click to the 61 links to the different subject guides.

    I really wish Cisco would stop playing with the live web pages and fix the pages off line and then do a total refreash once it is fixed.  This is getting hard when the flow changes all the time. 


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Thanks.  I only seem to have luck with 15.2M&T and 12.4(24) T

    Also try the 15S.  Some things can be found there, for example OSPF/EIGRP LFA.  I think it was BrianM thatshowed this in one of his videos.  I don't have a list of technologies for this IOS.

  • Yes, he showed it in the ATC videos. 

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