Can't use serial ports in esxi 5.5 with csr1000v

Hi guys,

Just wondering how did you setup your serial port on csr1000v? 

I created the serial port on one of my VM and with option "Connect to network", "Port URI: (example) telnet://"

But I couldn't telnet to it, and vsphere gave out error: Serial port connection control operation failed (202).


Looking at the logs, it says:

- Failed to connect virtual device serial0

- The currently available license does not permit use of remote serial ports. 


Now my question is, can I still use Gigabit1 interface in my CSRs just for mgmt, say use the on it (so that I can telnet to it) and put the sub-if of Gigabit1 to follow INE's IP Addressing scheme? Any problem with this?


If there is, any other solution?




  • Egh. I think I have a problem.

    As I thought, using EIGRP (example) as a connection test between two routers, I'd need to advertise to the EIGRP process which is undesirable.


  • Apparently something is wrong with this particular VM.

    Re install the image and it's all working fine.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Hey,

    I have similar problem. I added serial with telnet://ip:port, i enabled serial connection in firewall section, and i cannot connect via telnet. Have you found any solution to that? When i set "Connected" in settings of VM Serial0 i receive Serial port connection control operation failed (202).

    Best Regards,


  • fc2462fc2462 ✭✭ ✭✭


    In order to use the "Serial Port Concentrator" feature in VMware ESX, you need to either be using the trial license (which enables all features) or use at least an Enterprise license feature set.

    I myself have just the ESX "essentials" license on my server and I cannot access the serial port/console port of the CSR1000V.  So, what I did to work around this, is I created all of my CSR1000V routers with a Gigabit 4 interface (Brian's configs only have G1 through G3) and I put it in a VRF called mgmt and use that to telnet to my routers over the management network vswitch.  The other 3 interfaces are on my "lab" vswitch.  By creating the 4th interface, it allows me to paste in all of the INE configs without disrupting my management network to the CSRs.

    I hope you find my suggestion useful.


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