virtual-service command failed

Thanks for full lab....


This below command failed on CSR 1000v

virtual-service csr_mgmt

 ip shared host-interface GigabitEthernet2



R1(config)#virtual-service csr_mgmt

R1(config-virt-serv)# ip shared host-interface GigabitEthernet2


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


R1(config-virt-serv)# activate

*Oct  4 16:53:35.314: %VMAN-3-VIRT_INST_INTERFACE: F0: vman:  Virtual Service[csr_mgmt]::Network interfaces::The number of network interfaces required do not match the number configured::Number defined: 1, number configured: 0


*Oct  4 16:53:36.287: %VIRT_SERVICE-5-ACTIVATION_STATE: Failed to activate virtual service csr_mgmt


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