ARCH 642-874 v 2.1

I have recently passed this exam and would like to update the boards on this one.  ARCH is a very hard exam, but not as bad as it used to be.  They have fixed some of the bad questions and limited the number of questions that are worded with "best design".  It seems to be much more focused on Data Center, as is evident by looking at the syllabus breakdown.  The VOD class at INE for the older exam is still very much relevant, just need to remember some of the stuff like wireless is not on the exam anymore.  I found the Designing Cisco Network Service Architechtures (ARCH): Foundation Learning Guide 3rd edition by Tiso to be very good and relevant.  These two items were my main sources for study, along with review of ROUTE and SWITCH material.  Keep in mind design is a theoretical matter for this test, so it is about the technologies and how they work best in a network.

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