CCIE LAB IPv6 Stability

Just in working on various platforms including both software and hardware (CSR1000v, 2960x, 3850, 6800, 2800, 871), it seems I keep running into various "bugs" on the ipv6 side of features/capabilities.   And these dont seem to be far inbetween either like you may find on the ipv4 side on various platforms where you most likely wouldnt run into the issue on the lab.  These seem to be relatively common.

Although a lot of these are fixed by upgrading to the latest of codes, by doing "workarounds",  or simply doing shutdowns/reboots, this kind of raises some concerns for the lab. Obviously troubleshooting a bug on the lab for a couple of hours is pretty much suicide.  Although the proctor may give some time back, we all know it most likely isnt going to be the 2 hours or even half of that.

In reading on this forum among others, i hear similar comments about common bugs in the different features of ipv6 so it doesnt seem like this is just "bad luck".

At this point with the V5 lab being relatively new, is it pretty much "good luck"?  Is it maybe advisable to wait to let some of the bugs arise and be resolved for the different versions of tests?


  • If you have access to it (because you are able to access it because you work for a partner company of Cisco), use IOU. It is the best way to prepare for the exam, because this is the software used on the exam. So if it has bugs, you can face with them in your preparation.

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