Use of MDT AF if all router are PE

Do I must use MDT AF wirt RR  if all routers inside the core are PE directly conected ?


I tried on my lab  without MDT AF configured on PE (we have only mdt source and pim-sparse mode mapped in interfaces)  all work fine... All PE router have VRF PIN neig with tunnels.


RP/0/0/CPU0:R4#sh pim vrf ABC neighbor

Sun Sep 28 10:08:49.620 UTC




  remote-as 9

  update-source Loopback0

  address-family ipv4 unicast


  address-family vpnv4 unicast


PIM neighbors in VRF ABC

Flag: B - Bidir capable, P - Proxy capable, DR - Designated Router,

      E - ECMP Redirect capable

      * indicates the neighbor created for this router


Neighbor Address             Interface              Uptime    Expires  DR pri   Flags*                 GigabitEthernet0/0/0/1.143 2d01h     00:01:30 1      B P E                 GigabitEthernet0/0/0/1.143 00:15:43  00:01:19 1 (DR) P*                   Loopback1              2d01h     00:01:16 1 (DR) B P E                      mdtABC                 00:42:31  00:01:25 1      P*                     mdtABC                 00:42:38  00:01:15 1      P                      mdtABC                 00:42:35  00:01:31 1      P                      mdtABC                 00:42:35  00:01:25 1 (DR) P



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