CCIE SP WB LAB#4 - Task 4.4 Solution - MPLS IP with EIGRP


to garant MPLS forwarding with EIGRP link the solution provied is to set the "MPLS IP" command under inteface and BGP+send-label on BGP with the same AS but EIGRP IGP. I understood the use of BGP+send-label but not of MPLS IP.


Why I can't use the "MPLS BGP FORWARDING" instead of "MPLS IP" command ?


interface FastEthernet0/0.78
 mpls ip or mpls bgp forwarding
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  • Hi,


    As far as I understand "mpls ip" is needed here in order to make LDP exchange transport labels for each others loopbacks and Otherwise how would you create an end-to-end LSP from either R7 or R8 in case Fa0/0.207 or Fa0/0.208 fails? Probably in this case it is redindant because R7 and R8 are directly connected and this LDP transport label will be implicit null. I think it is the best practice.

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