ine video download automation

INE has been quite busy lately producing (numorous) very interesting videos lately

I appreciate having those videos to download, but I am trying to find a more efficient solution for dowloading them than my browser.


I happen to have a Synology NAS (a bit old from 2008) with the download station service on it allowing to download from the NAS and then store directly in it, I thought it would be a good idea to put my NAS and my DSL line to work at home when I'm away at work.

I tried to use DSM 3.1 synology download station to download ine videos but it does not work

I think your url (processing) is too complicated for the NAS which expects regular http url to download.

I understand your url are purposedly complicated to protect your videos from Internet "pirates" and I anticipate you are not likely to change that any time soon for that reason.

Nevertheless I think someone from INE said in this forum once, in another thread, that you would propose a download manager to download your videos more easily, I assume this software made by and for INE would be able to deal with your complex url system while protecting donwloads from pirates.

Now my question is when do you intend to propose a download manager ?

After all video download is one of your significant source of income I assume,
wouldn't it be kind to help your customers in downloading them more easily from your site ?

keep up the good work, Best regards



  • I am not sure why - but in my case when I start download I can not do more than 6 at the time - using chrome browser

    Well - this is not big deal but - after I download I can play them perfectly fine on iphone - apple devices , but I can not play them on android tables

    Somebody knows how to play this video on android ?

  • Hi, I'm using MX Player Pro and it works fine. (Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S4)

  • You can increase the amount of concurrent downloads in Chrome.  I haven't done it but might help


  • so am I MX player works fine and remembers where you last left viewing each video

    The best I tested so far

  • I agree that it would be nice if the download links were presented in a way that allowed a DL manager to follow them, but it's not *too* horrible having to click through each link.

    On android, my faves for a while have been bsplayer and/or dice player.  Both have speed settings so you can increase or decrease playback speed.  BSplayer has more settings options than I can ever imagine needing, dice player has far fewer, but has the ones I need/want.  BSplayer has issues with hardware playback, sometimes, but software playback mode works fine on my note.

  •  I tried MX player - but the thing is MX player doesnt  see any other file other than the tablet in the flash or external drive

    Let say I want to play my video on the tablet  located ini my computer or NAS   -  MX player is not ca[able of finding them 

  • What player do you use to overcome that shortcoming, and how do you connect to the share?

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