MQC Two-Rate Three-Color Policer - interpretation of question

If a question like this were to come up on the lab exam, is the first level policy map considered the parent/outer policy and the second level policy map the child/inner policy?

If so I interpreted it like this 


ip access-list extended R1_HTTP

 permit ip host any

ip access-list extended R6_HTTP

 permit ip host any



class-map match-all R6_HTTP

 match access-group name R6_HTTP

class-map match-all R1_HTTP

 match access-group name R1_HTTP


policy-map INNER

 class class-default

  police cir 64000 bc 3200 pir 128000 be 6400

   conform-action set-prec-transmit 1

   exceed-action set-prec-transmit 0

   violate-action drop 

policy-map OUTER

 class R1_HTTP

   service-policy INNER

 class R6_HTTP

   service-policy INNER


The task asks for a first level policy which matches two separate class-maps for HTTP from R1 and R6 but the solution uses one that matches only HTTP traffic in the first level policy

One for the Proctor I guess :)

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