How to stack cisco 2960S switch

Does you play around with stacking Cisco catalyst 2960s and 2960x switches into the same stack? I realize that cisco says that using the usage of the same flexstack protocol can stack different models together. Does it Ok?


  • Some information I recieved earlier this year regarding 2960-S and 2960-X stacking:

    Have not used this myself


    FlexStack Plus:

    • Hot swappable FlexStack-Plus modules

    • Stack up to 8 switches – 400 ports

    • Faster Stack Convergence - 100ms

    • 40 Gbps of stack bandwidth per stack port.

    Total 80 Gbps stack bandwidth with two

    stack ports.

    • Backward Compatible with FlexStack

    • Support Mix Stack - Stack of 2960-S &


    • Share uplinks for redundancy if one switch


    • Apply features across stack members

    including QoS, Etherchannel

    • FlexStack modules and FlexStack-Plus

    modules are not interchangeable.


    Mixed Stack – 2960-X Stack with 2960-S switches.

    • 2960-X LAN Base models only can form Mixed Stack.

    • 2960-XR IP Lite models can’t form Mixed Stack.

    • Mixed Stack can be formed with 2960-S as master or member.

    • The stack port speed needs to be changed on 2960-X to stack with 2960-S

    Switch(config)#switch stack port-speed 10

    • 2960-S based SDM template (default / lanbase-routing) needs to be selected

    in 2960-X series to form Mixed Stack.

    • The capabilities & features of Mixed Stack are limited to 2960-S capabilities.

    • The Stack bandwidth is limited to 40Gbps (20Gbps per stack port)

    • The maximum number of stack members is restricted to 4 in Mixed Stack.


    SDM Templates, 2960-X LAN Base:

    • lanbase-default – default LAN Base template on 2960-X

    series. Supports IPv4 & IPv6 Static Routing.

    • default – 2960-S default template, used for Mix-Stack.

    • lanbase-routing – 2960-S routing template, used for Mix-



    2960-X LAN Lite: Stacking not supported

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